The peak of my photographic career.  Looking back along the Stol ridge towards Slovenia from Italy

Slovenia – July 2017

Welcome to Slovenia – a little different from the other Balkan countries On my last night in Croatia, I stayed in a guest house in the wonderfully named town of “Lazi” run by a policeman and his wife.  I told them I was going to head off very early in the morning, at around 0500, […]

Vlog 3 – The Beards – Strokin’ my beard

Why should you sing whilst you walk – especially in Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria? Well, I’ll tell you why, and at the end give an example of one of the songs I’ve been singing. Hopefully you enjoy it. I dont own the rights to the song, but hope that copyright lawyers would see that I […]

Croatia – June 2017

Disclaimer: The first half of my Croatia blog deals – in debatably unnecessary and gratuitous levels of detail – with two bouts of illness of rather sensitive areas, brought about or exacerbated by walking in hot climates.  If you think that you might be sickened or offended by reading such material, then you are welcome […]

Bosnia Part III – north-western Bosnia – Late May 2017

Banja Luka, back into Republika Srpska After my pleasant stay in Babanovac, I kept heading in a northerly direction, along a long low ridge, having to take some care when passing over the old front line from the war, I could see mine fields marked all over the area on the minefield map I had […]

2nd Vlog post – Fireside musings from the Slovakian woods

Winter is just around the corner and the nights are fast closing in. It gets dark now around 1630, giving me more time sitting around in the dark before bedtime. I decided to use my time productively and produce a second Vlog. I hope you like it. Nb.  I’m a little behind with my blog […]

Bosnia Part II – Central Bosnia – May 2017

Sarajevo – where East meets West   I approached Sarajevo from the East, traversing across the flanks of Trebević mountain.  The Mountain towers over central Sarajevo, and was made notorious during the 4-year siege of the city by Bosnian Serb forces in the Bosnian War (1).  It was one of key artillery positions from where […]

Bosnia Part I – Eastern Bosnia

Bosnia Part I – Eastern Bosnia Into the unknown Failing to spot anywhere suitable to camp on my last evening in Serbia; the dying of the light forced me to camp far closer to a village than I’d have liked.  I wasn’t quite in somebody’s back garden, but I was close enough to keep my […]

Thoughts after 8 months on the road – a new purpose…

Firstly, you might have forgotten that this blog exists, so tardy have I got with updating it.  I apologise for this, summer turned out to be busy, and I didn’t get around to giving the blog the TLC I should have.   But keep an eye out, because I have no intention of letting it […]

1st Vlog post! Croatian woods and mountains.

I have completed my first vlog post, about some of the difficulties of walking in the Croatian woods. Something to add that I forgot to talk about in the video, is there is one kind of snake in Croatia that is deadly poisonous and requires rapid medical attention, or its bite can lead to death. […]

Serbia in springtime – ups and downs

Exit from Bulgaria – flat route, flat emotions, “arrest” on the border  I stayed quite long in Sofia, battling with the curse of procrastination, trying to finish up my write up for almost 2 months of being in Bulgaria.  So when I was finally finished writing and posted up my last blog post (probably a […]

19/04/17 News Update – Leaving the Sultans Trail, media interviews

A week or so ago when I headed West from the Serbian city of Niš (pron. Nizh), I also left the security blanket of the long distance trail that I was following – The Sultans Trail.  This is a long distance trail running from Istanbul to Vienna. It has only recently been thought up, and […]

Bulgaria Part III – Rila, Musala, Vitosha, and Sofia – Winter to Spring

Rila I left Velingrad refreshed after the birthday celebrations, and feeling as if I could conquer any mountain challenges that stood in my way.  Just like previous times when I was getting complacent, the gods of the mountains decided to punish me for my hubris and give me a white whipping to remind me that […]

Bulgaria Part II – The Rhodopi in Winter – Wild nature, wonderful people  

Eastern Rhodopi

Bulgaria Part I – Introduction, expectations, arrival

Introduction – Sofia in Springtime As I sit down to write this blog post, almost two months after arriving in Bulgaria, I am sitting in a sunny, warm Sofia. Bird song can be heard, and the flowers are blooming everywhere. Spring has arrived both astronomically and empirically. I have posted almost 10 kg of winter […]

Istanbul -> Edirne, Stage One of the Walk, Turkish Thrace.

In retrospect the first part of my walk wasn’t too strenuous, after thinking about it so much whilst planning and imagining everything that could go wrong, in fact it was fairly straight forward walking.  The first few days put a few challenges in my way: On the first day my proposed route over green rolling […]

Leaving UK, arrival in Istanbul

Sunday – 15/01/17 It felt unreal, a huge bag on my back, taking a final picture with my parents before my mum drove me to the train station.   I had a one way ticket to Istanbul, this was really happening, and it was happening right now.  All the preparation was over, now was the […]

Final Preparations – and how did I get here?

I am now on the point of leaving for my walk.   The journey to get to this point has been long and winding.  I could now go on to describe my entire life up to now, as at a stretch this all could be considered important to getting me up to this point.  But that […]